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The Project

Never Better will take place at Gloucester History Festival on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2019, at Blackfriars Priory. This exciting and innovative project will work with research teams,  unearthing stories from Gloucestershire Archives that reveal personal and professional tales of mental health through the ages. Alongside this research we will be  gathering contemporary mental health narratives from local communities across the City. This material will be combined and used to create a delicate and moving piece of performance theatre with Strike A Light where a cast of professional and community actors will bring these stories to life.  Any stories that are gathered will also be added to Gloucestershire Archives’ collections, where they will be preserved permanently as a resource for use in research and publication. 


Share your story

If you have experienced mental ill health or have worked in mental health care in Gloucester and would like to be part of this innovative project we would like to hear your story. We want to gather stories that can help understand the current situation of living and dealing with mental health issues. 

Your stories will help create an awareness of how mental health treatments have evolved over the last 150 years in Gloucestershire.  

If you would like to be part of this project and have a story you would like to be heard please contact our Community Gatherer: Caroline Jester at

Join the choir

The opportunity to perform in the choir as part of Never Better is open to everyone - you don't need any specific experience of performing or singing to take part.  We are planning to bring together a choir of 30 people who will sing alongside professional actor/musicians as part of the performance. The choir will be led by experienced and local choir leader Philippa Smith. The music is being composed specially for the event and will be inspired by records from Gloucestershire Archives and modern day stories of mental health that have been gathered from across Gloucester. There will be a series of rehearsals in Gloucester leading up to the final performance in Blackfriars Priory. We warmly welcome anyone with lived experience of mental health. Find out more >